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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We provide tailored search engine optimisation (SEO) services in Scotland to meet your business goals. We focus on three core things - increasing your website's visibility in the search results, driving more visitors, and improving your bottom line.

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Our search engine optimisation (SEO) services in Scotland improve your rankings in Google, increase visibility, and drive qualified visitors to your website.

Making sure your website ranks highly for search terms relating to your products and services can deliver a stream of new enquiries, sales and opportunities and dramatically improve your bottom line.

If your website needs...

  • better rankings and visibility in the search results
  • more people finding and engaging with your content
  • to produce more enquiries and sales

...then our SEO services are just what you need. 

What is organic search?

Organic search is the name given to the links which appear under the adverts on a search engine's result pages. Unlike paid search, you don't pay when someone clicks your result. The traffic is free.

How Google ranks your website

Contrary to popular belief, simply including keywords that you want to be found for simply won't cut it. Relevancy is key. Google's aim is to return content to its users that is relevant and useful. So, the first step if you want to be found for a particular search term is to ensure you have high-quality content and pages relevant to those terms.

But that's not all. In fact, that's just one part of the equation.

Let's say you and a competitor both have relevant and useful content that you want to rank for a particular search term. How does Google decide which should rank higher? Now it gets interesting. 

Google looks at hundreds of other things when considering where to rank a website in its search results. Just some of those factors include:

  • the number and quality of other websites linking to yours (a credible link can tell Google that your content is relevant to a particular topic)
  • how fast your website loads
  • your website's user-experience, particularly on mobile
  • your website's information architecture
  • keywords in your URL structure and meta titles
  • schema data
  • the security of your website

Our SEO in Scotland service

Our search engine optimisation services are carefully focused on everything needed to help you get found online. Here's what we do.

Comprehensive audits

Starting with an in-depth technical and competitor audit, we'll get to the root of why your website isn't ranking where you want it to be

Keyword research

We take time to understand your business and industry. We'll identify the actual keywords your customers use when searching for your products or services and make sure it's you that they find first

Technical implementation

We can work directly or with your web developer to ensure your website is technically excellent, structurally sound and ticking all the right boxes


We can help you create fresh new content and optimise existing content to ensure you're producing high-quality pages that your visitors will love

Link building

Through a combination of content creation and outreach, we'll build authoritative links that give your site a major boost

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Let us help rank your website better

For over 20 years we've helped businesses across Scotland and the UK improve their online visibility and search engine rankings.

As web developers and digital marketers we understand more than most the ins and outs of search engine optimisation. With our finger on the pulse of all things SEO, we know what it takes to get you found online.

We'll address the reasons why your website isn't ranking and deliver a plan of activity that will boost your online performance. 

Contact us today for a free SEO audit and take the first step to climbing the rankings.

How long does SEO take?

Much like the cost question, the length of time to see results from an SEO campaign vary depending on the situation of your current website and the competitiveness for the keywords and phrases you want to be found for. Some campaigns may only need to run for a few months, whereas businesses which rely on enquiries and sales from organic traffic may run a continuous campaign for years in order to retain high rankings and visitors.

What does SEO involve exactly?

Building a fast and technically excellent website, producing relevant and useful content, choosing the right keywords and phrases, serving clean and well optimised pages, writing compelling meta titles and descriptions, building authoritative backlinks, implementing structured data, closely monitoring your competitor's sites....the list goes on. We take care of dozens of on and off-site factors that will help to improve your website's performance in the search results.

How can I monitor progress and performance?

We will create a customised dashboard for your business that provides real-time performance data telling you how your site is performing in the search results, your average position for target keywords and phrases, impressions and clicks, competitor analysis, historical data and much more. You can access your dashboard at any time however we'll be in regular contact throughout the process.

How do I get started with an SEO campaign?

We begin by establishing your business goals and determining what you want to achieve from an SEO campaign. Typical objectives are to increase qualified website visits, generate more leads and enquiries, or improve sales. We then appraise your current situation, identify target keywords and search volumes, assess the competition - before finally implementing a series of recommendations based on our findings. Contact us today for a custom proposal!

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a close analysis of dozens of factors which may be holding back your website's performance in the search results. An SEO audit looks at items including website content, structure, speed, internal links, backlink profile, indexing issues, broken pages, mobile usability, keyword and heading usage, meta titles and descriptions, redirect rules, duplicate content and more. We don't use cookie-cutter audit tools and we won't give you computer generated boilerplate reports. We produce comprehensive audits in a language you will understand with expert informed recommendations to improve your website's visibility, traffic and conversions. Contact us today if you would like us to undertake an SEO audit for your business.

Can't I do SEO myself?

Many website content management systems provide in-built tools that allow some degree of control over factors which can improve your website's performance in the search results. While this is generally a good thing, writing website copy, titles and descriptions will only get you so far. When gunning for competitive keywords and the traffic that goes with it, factors such as user experience, technical optimisation, back links and site speed play a hugely important role.

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