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Google Ads (PPC)

Our Google Ads qualified team implement, manage and optimise data-driven advertising campaigns that put you right in front of your prospective customers.

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As one of only a handful of Google Partner agencies in Scotland, we've built a reputation for building pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns that bring our clients more website visitors, more leads, and more sales.

A PPC campaign can immediately put you in front of your prospective customers when they're searching for your products and services online, so it's no wonder that it continues to be one of the most effective means of generating new business.

If your business needs...

  • more qualified website visitors
  • more phone calls and enquiries
  • a greater return on marketing spend

...then a PPC campaign can fast track your success.

In simplistic terms, PPC works by choosing a group of keywords you want to be found for in the search results and by setting the price you're prepared to bid for a click. As the name suggests, you pay each time somebody clicks your ad, and your ad almost immediately shows at or near the top of the results.

In fact, that's more or less exactly how it used to work a long long time ago.

However, platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads have evolved a lot since then (for the better) and the tools and data at our disposal mean we can create increasingly sophisticated, targeted campaigns to reach your ideal customers and deliver the maximum return on your advertising spend.

Whether you want to target people in a certain location, males or females, users of particular devices, people browsing at a specific time of day and so on - we can build profitable PPC campaigns that finely pinpoint your audience and give you the highest chance of turning them into customers.

Why work with us?

Campaign setup

Whether seasonal, short or long term, we build PPC campaigns designed to meet your specific business goals

Keyword strategy

We ensure you’re using the most appropriate keywords, bids and settings and not wasting precious advertising budget


We write compelling text ads and extensions that stand out from the rest and improve your click-through rate

Campaign management

We constantly monitor and tweak campaigns under our management to increase your traffic, improve your conversion rate and lower your average cost per conversion

Landing page optimisation

We ensure that someone clicking your ad sees high-quality, relevant landing pages that stand the best chance of converting


You'll have regular access to your Google Ads qualified account manager, and 24/7 access to your bespoke reporting dashboard

Google Partners

We're a Google Partner agency and have exclusive access to Google support, search trend data and industry updates

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We manage dozens of campaigns for businesses and organisations across Scotland and the UK. If you want to exploit the benefits of a PPC campaign for your business, or need help improving the performance of an existing campaign, then get in touch with us today.

How much does PPC advertising cost?

Your advertising spend will depend on the competitiveness for your chosen keywords, average cost per click, search volume, expected conversion rates, what an enquiry or sale is worth to you and so on. We'll make a budget recommendation based on your situation and objectives, or if you have a fixed budget we'll let you know what's achievable within it.

When will I see results?

As soon as your campaign is launched, you'll almost immediately see relevant, qualified traffic coming to your website.

Where will my ads appear?

We'll show your ads at the top of the result pages when people search using keywords which relate to a product or service you provide. Campaigns can be refined to only target people in a certain location, at a specific time of day, on a particular mobile device and so on - in order to get the most from your budget and increase the likeliness of conversion. 

Can I show my ads when people search for my competitors?

Yes. You can include competitor names in your targeted keywords, but you can't use their name in your ads. Generally we don't advise it unless you offer a compelling alternative to your competitors product or service. 

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking enables website owners to track the performance of their website and ad campaigns. We strongly recommend implementing conversion tracking as it will allow you to analyse the performance of your campaigns, ads and keywords and measure the return on investment.

What do you charge?

Our management fees vary depending on the size and complexity of your campaign. A locally targeted campaign might cost around £400 to initially set up, and around £250 per month for ongoing management, whereas a national or multinational campaign with intense competition could greatly exceed that amount. We operate a transparent, fixed-fee billing structure so you'll know exactly what you're paying each month. Unlike others, we never take a percentage of your ad spend. Contact us and we'll be happy to advise based on your objectives.

How can I convert visitors from my ads?

We see a lot of businesses creating PPC campaigns and directing visitors to their homepage. This is usually a bad idea because it leaves the user searching your website for the information they asked the search engine for in the first place. If someone clicks your ad which describes a product or service you offer, your ads must take them to a relevant page on your website to have the best chance of converting. Ideally it loads quickly, provides relevant content, and has a clear call to action such as a form to submit an enquiry, request a quote, download a brochure, purchase a product etc. Our experts will help create compelling landing pages designed to turn your visitors into customers.

I tried PPC advertising and it didn't work...

Platforms like Google Ads are designed to make their owners as much money as possible and it's very easy to burn through your budget if you don't know what you're doing. Contact us immediately and one of our AdWords qualified individuals will be happy to evaluate your existing campaigns and make a series of recommendations to fine tune your account.

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