Web Integrations provide a fully managed email marketing service. We manage the entire process, from contact import and management, creative design and build, right through to successfully reaching your intended recipients with desired results.

Here's what we do

  • Managed creative email campaigns, from design to delivery
  • List building, management and segmentation
  • Email scheduling, tracking, analysis and reporting
  • In-depth insights into your subscribers and prospects
  • Autoresponders and drip marketing

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Contact Management

We import and manage your existing database of contacts. Don’t have one? No problem, we will help you build one. We can embed subscription forms on your website, social media pages and iPad (for exhibitions), allowing you to build up your database of prospects to email on a regular basis. We manage your contacts list for you, taking care of unsubscribers and old email addresses and ensuring the right messages are delivered to the right people.

Content, Design & Delivery

We provide a managed email marketing service. We help with ideas and suggestions for content which we can assist with producing. Then we build creative, attention grabbing email design templates which are consistent with your corporate branding and engage with your audience. Once that's in place, we deliver to your database of contacts.

Targeted Emails

There comes a point in time where your database grows so large that it’s no longer appropriate to send the same content to every recipient. Based on data gathered about your contacts, such as their position, location or likes and dislikes, we tailor the design and content of an email to ensure that what you’re offering or promoting at that time is only sent to those who have an interest.


You want to get your email in front of the right people at the right time. Email marketing is most effective when an email is sent at a time that suits your recipients. We make sure your email hits their inboxes at the right moment.


We measure the effectiveness of your emails to help you gain better insights into your contacts. Our reports tell you who opened your email, when they opened it, where they opened it, who they forwarded it on to and much more. 

Social Sharing

Emails can be easily forward onto contacts of your own contacts, or can be shared via social media. We make this easy by including sharing buttons for the most popular social networks, allowing your content to be seen by a greater audience while continually increasing your database of contacts.

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