SilverStripe CMS Web Platform

Wellington company secures Government ICT contract.

We were delighted to read this morning that SilverStripe, the company behind the content management system we use to build websites and applications, has been awarded the contract to provide a single web platform for New Zealand government agencies.

The appointment of SilverStripe as the main platform for all New Zealand government websites is estimated to save around $500,000 (£266,000) per year and massively benefit each government agency through feature sharing, consistency and efficiency.

The announcement further cements our belief that SilverStripe is the number one application for developing websites and applications, while also providing an intuitive and easy to use interface for its users.

Press Release

New Zealand Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain announced today that Wellington company, SilverStripe, has secured the contract for a single web platform for government agencies.

"A web platform is the underlying system which allows an agency to create and deliver high quality websites for New Zealanders. Creating a single web platform is part of the Government's better public services initiative and will bring savings to taxpayers," says Mr Tremain.

"Having one common platform will enable government departments to share and reuse website features. This will improve consistency, efficiency and lower costs.

"This common capability shows potential savings of $50,000 per web project procurement. On its own it's not a big amount but when spread over the whole of government we're looking at estimated savings of over $500,000 per year.

"It's great news that an integral part of the Government Common Web services initiative has gone to a New Zealand company. Another New Zealand company, Revera, will manage technical infrastructure, using the Government's Infrastructure as a Service."